4 Mobile Applications which would instantly make a student’s life organized:

1. CamScanner (CS):

As a student, don’t you keep on clicking pictures of the notes of different subjects from various sources like boards, our notebooks, friend’s notebook, books etc. and also receive important notices and notes through whatsapp through out the year but during the time of exam, when you need them, you end up getting messed in between the sceneries, selfies, goodmorning images and many more in gallery and are unable to dig out the pictures of notes. If yes, this app is the solution to your problem.

CamScanner is an ios and android app which turns your smartphone into a portable document scanning device. The app uses the camera to scan and take a snapshot of a document and then provides additional options like:

  • Various document sharing options
  • Image adjustments
  • Conversion of image to Pdf format
  • Tagging the document with a head

The app also help users save time by capturing images of desired documents and converting it into PDF format while exporting.

Not only can you take a snapshot, but you can also import pictures of documents from you gallery and apply all the above functions on them as well. The best part of the app is the feature called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Due to this, CS recognizes texts in document images amd extracts them for later sharing, searching and editing.

The app altogetherly helps you in keeping all your documents in an organised way.

Link for downloading the app👇


2. Merriam-Webster:

“Everything has its merits and demerits.” How often have you heard this proverb and believed it. I personally believed it till the day I hadn’t used this app. Trust me guys, i haven’t found a single shortcoming in the app yet. The reasons for which I feel this app is one of the best english dictionary apps are because of its following features:

  • It supports voice search
  • Thesaurus- which lets you look up both synonyms and antonyms
  • Offline dictionary
  • Provides the user with the infrormation like origin of word
  • Provides the use of words through examples.
  • It also has new word games.
  • Offers Word of the Day.
  • Also provides with the meaning of many proverbs.

Getting all these features in a single app is like getting the “Happy Meal from McDonald’s” and there is no reason to not download this app in your phones.

Link for downloading the app👇


3. Walnut Money Manager:

How often do we try to maintain a log book of all monetary transaction but are unable to take out time for it. The era of credit cards, debit cards or net banking to make payments generally tend to make us spend more than what we think. To keep all my expenses on track and tab on my expenses I use this app.

This is the best money manager app to automatically and securely track your monthly spends. Walnut analyses your SMS inbox on phone and detects important information like your spendings, bill and even your train tickets. Following are the exceptional features of the app:

  • Find ATMs with cash near you in real-time
  • Bank and credit card dues at a glance
  • Export your data and generates reports
  • Split expense with friends
  • Keeps track of train, movie bookings, cabs etc.
  • Easily search for expenses and tags
  • Add notes, tags and bill/receipt photos to transactions

This one single app magically help users manage all their financial data at one place, and it also provides smart and sharp insights/perceptions, intuitive visualisations and in-depth analysis about your expenses.

(The app is only for the Android users. )

Link for downloading the app👇


4. Pocket:

This particular app fulfills the need of “save now and watch or read later”. Numerous applications are plugged with the app with informative contents which the user can save for later reading.

Once you create an account, save articles you want to read from any web browser, amd the app arrange amd classify them and lets you read them in neat, uncluttered view that reduces most of the ads and focuses on text.

Other features of the app are as follows:

  • Quick sharing option with other pocket users
  • Tagging options inorder to arrange and organize articles
  • Discover articles within the app
  • You cam add articles into ‘Favourites’ as well
  • If you don’t have time to read the articles you can even listen the articles through its “Listen(TSS) option

The app has many more exceptional features and I would strongly recommend everyone to install this app and make use of it.

Link for downloading the app 👇


I hope the above points will help you and serve the purpose.

Thank you ❤